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2018 Elementary School Track & Field Challenge at Moore  (Moore High School) in cooperation with P.E. teachers and athletics department volunteers        May 12th, 2018         Live Results --- click HERE (Saturday)                   Printable Order of Events --- click HERE This is a FREE meet for all participants and spectators.  It's FREE & it's FUN. Participants must: (1) be in the 5 TH  or 6 TH  grade;                               (2) be a student within the Moore Public School District;                               (3) be recommended by their elementary school P.E. Teacher. ____________________________________________________________________ Participation Rules: Each school may only enter 2 boys and girls from each grade (5 TH , 6 TH ) in each individual event.  Each school can enter 1 boy & 1 girl relay team from each grade. (4X100) - - - Each student can compete in up to 3 individual events. - - - If a student competes in 3 individual events he/she can also comete on a relay. Instructions for P.E. Teachers (Track & Field Coordinators): To enter your students in the "2018 Track & Field Challenge": (1) Complete a Registration/Parent Authorization Form for each student that has been       SELECTED from your school to compete in the “Track & Field Challenge” at the stadium.       Be sure to circle the event(s) in which the student will complete BEFORE the form is sent       home for “Parent Authorization”.        Remember - - - relay team assignments can be made at any time up to the start of the                                first event at the “Track & Field Challenge at Moore”. (2) Have your students take home the Event Registration/Authorization Form so their parent      can sign the form.  AFTER they return their “Parent Authorization” Form      to you, you can add them to your official Boys or Girls Track Roster.     (see below)      To download the Registration Form, click here: - - -  Registration / Parent Authorization Form  (3) Go to and enter your students in the "Challenge".      Most schools already have an ENDURO USA™ account set up.  if you      are not the "Account Holder" for the account and need new login credentials,      please use the following email address to request an updated username & password.      - - - Please remember to include your school and phone number in your email.                                         Once your ENDURO USA™ account is set up, you can begin entering the       following information for each participant on your "Main Roster" page by clicking       on the “Search/Add” button:          (a) first and last name;          (b) gender;          (c) grade.   ALSO - - - you MUST add this meet to your schedule and enter your           students in this meet on or before the on-line entry deadline, which is - - -                                   Friday - 5pm - May 4 TH . (On-line Entries Deadline)       REMEMBER - - - you must add the "2018 T & F Challenge at Moore"                                   to your "schedule", and enter each student in the meet. DEADLINES:           Deadline for student Registration Forms:  Wednesday - May 2 ND .           On-line Entry Deadline:  Friday - 5pm - May 4 TH . (no exceptions) Teachers and/or Track & Field Coordinators - - -  The following process will begin BEFORE the start of the first event.  -  -  -   At 8:45am, you will be given a copy of your Boys & Girls Rosters.  Each student that you  entered on-line will be listed on your Roster.  Each student on your Roster will have their  Competition Number beside their name.  Before the meet starts, you will need to write each  student's Competition Number on the back of his/her hand with a black Sharpie.  -  -  -  So, please remember to bring a couple of Sharpies to the meet with you.  Sharpies will not  be furnished at the meet.  So, please remember to bring a couple with you to the meet.  Please underline the number on their hand so numbers such as "16" will not be confused  with "91" when read upside down.  Each participant must have their Competition Number  on the back of their hand before their first event.  They cannot compete without a number.                    This process should be completed between 9am and their first event.                          Entry packets will be available at the Timing Tent. THANKS for participating and encouraging your students to participate! Simple for teachers.  FREE & FUN for students. It's a WIN - WIN. (There will be no "unattached" participants and no sign-ups the morning of the meet.) ______________________________________________________________________________ Competition numbers assigned by P.E. Teachers (Coordinators):  9:00 to 9:15 - - - Students MUST arrive at the Moore High School track before 9:00am.        to receive their Competition Number and instructions for the competition.                                                   Printable Order of Events          Order of Events                Softball throw  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Begins at 9:30 Standing long jump - - - - - - - - - - -   Begins approx 9:30 All races are professionally timed using electronic (F.A.T.) equipment. 4 X 100m Relay  - - - Begins at 10:00 50m Dash  - - - rolling schedule 400m Dash  100m Dash 800m Run    200m Dash Students must compete in their respective grades and genders. (no exceptions)  No soccer or football cleats are allowed on the track.  Track spikes are allowed. 1 ST , 2 ND  & 3 RD  place finishers in each event will receive a medal.        Good luck.  We'll see you at the "2018 Track & Field Challenge at Moore".                Simply Having Fun™  For additional information please contact Cristle Bell:         Advisory Committee Members:         Cristle Bell,  Kevin McWatters
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